Tech Info


Foh Console : Midas Pro6 with Waves Server One.

Main PA: Meyer M2D Array 5 per side
With 2 Meyer M3D & 2 Meyer 700hp dual 18” subwoofers

System Processing: Meyer

Monitor Console: Midas Pro2

Wedges & Sidefills:
8 x Clair Bros 12am Bi-Amped wedges (They are made to run in pairs.)
2 x Yorkville TRX4 & TRX9s for side fills.

2 x Shure Beta 52
1 x Shure Beta 91
4 x Shure 58
4 x Shure 57
3 x SE V7
2 x SE V7x
4 x SE Se8 small diaphragm
6 x Sennheiser e604
4 x Radial ProD2


Lighting Console: GrandMa2

Stage Lighting:
8 x Martin Rush Par
6 x Opti Tri Par
8 x Mac250 wash
2 x Martin RUSH crowd
1 x Pro Amhaze Whisper


Stage width: 36′
Stage depth: 20′
Stage height: 3′
Trim height: 14′
Backdrop trim height: 12′

FOH is 40′ from front of stage
Cable path for snakes is 60′ from FOH to stage right.

There is a blow through style barricade.
We have two 8×8 risers in house. (No Skirting)


We have 2 green rooms, 1 of
which has a private bathroom.
No showers.
No shore power.