If you are interested in Booking a Show Contact:
Booking "at" AmosSouthend "dot" Com

Only Serious Inquiries only.

Please don't taunt us through Social Media, I have a memory.
Emails about opening for a National show is not our decision.
The Bill is probably full, and the Promoter of the show makes the call.

There are a few things to consider when trying to get a gig at Amos'.

Send us a Press Kit Via E-mail, please Do Not Call, it just shows us you are not actually doing your homework by reading this.

Amos' Southend can hold over 1000 people.
Can you get 10% of that to actually pay to see your band?
That would be 100 people.
The balcony will only be open if more than 400 people are expected and that count is derived from pre-sold tickets. Hence, Promoting your band.

The success of your show will rely solely upon the band getting their fans to see them. The more people on the guest list actually effects the bottom line. If they are truly your fans they will pay to see you.
We have cancelled shows due to poor promoting. If you don't like to promote, then you should seriously look into a new hobby.

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