Why do some shows show "All Ages," "16 and Over," or "18 or Above"?
Easy answer the City of Charlotte Code of Ordinances Chapter 15, Article VII: Youth Protection.

An All Ages Show is what it means, any one any age may attend.
Not everyone carries an ID, but you will need an ID if you want to prove your age.
It is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED that you Not Bring Young Children under 12. We are a Nightclub and the atmosphere is not conducent to their young minds. Plus we don't enjoy Babysitting.

A 16 and Over Show, I know it's kind of crazy to define this, but you must prove you are 16 and if your not, your Parent or Legal Guardian should be with you. We know all 16 yr olds don't have ID's.

An 18 and Over Show is every person permitted into the show must show a vaild form of Photo ID to prove themself as Legal Age.
Two things come into play with these shows.

1. The City Ordinance defining the age of minors out during weekdays and weekends without the supervision of a parent or legal guardian.
2. The Subject Manner of the show may not be suitible for minors.




We as everyone else in the US accept the only three forms of ID to prove your true Identity.

1. A Valid Drivers License, or State Issued ID from the DMV
2. A Current Passport
3. A Vaild Mititary ID

If you cannot produce an ID you will NOT be permitted to consume alcoholic beverages.


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